How to Keep Senior Citizens Socially Engaged

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Socializing is important at every age, but it’s especially crucial for senior citizens. Regular social interaction reduces feelings of depression, anxiety, and loneliness. It also strengthens their self-esteem and confidence too. As your loved one gets older, it may be more difficult for them to find opportunities to socialize with other people. You can help them out with the following tips and tricks for keeping them socially engaged.

Assign them 24-hour care

24-hour home care is a great solution for older adults who live by themselves or need specialized care. A caregiver will be assigned to your loved one who will be responsible for watching over them and attending to their needs around-the-clock. Having a constant companion to talk to and care for them will do wonders for their mental health, mood, and well-being.

Join a social club

Senior centers have plenty of regular activities and clubs that older adults can partake in. Ask your loved ones about their interests and find out if your local senior center has a club that they’d be willing to be a part of. This could be anything from an urban gardening club, a book club, or even a synchronized swim team. This is a great opportunity for them to not only do what they love, but also meet new like-minded individuals.

Teach them the basics of technology and social media

Technology has made it easier than ever to stay connected to friends and family. Video calling, text messaging, and social media are great ways for your elderly loved ones to keep in touch with you and your family as well as their friends. Teaching them even the most basic functions on a computer or smartphone can go a long way.

Get them a part-time job

grandma learningSome older adults just aren’t made for a life of retirement and find themselves wanting something to keep them occupied during their spare time. A part-time job may help them feel useful and motivated in this case. There are several government and non-profit agencies that offer job assistance to senior citizens who are interested in entering the workforce once again.

Find volunteering opportunities

Volunteering can give older adults a sense of purpose and resolve. Talk to your loved one and identify any causes that are near and dear to their heart. Search for organizations that are in line with these causes and sign your loved one up to participate. There are also non-profit groups that specifically bring seniors and organizations that need volunteers together.

Foster or adopt a pet

Even non-human companions can be great sources of happiness and friendship for seniors. Dogs and cats are common pets to keep around, but they can be a bit high maintenance, so they won’t be ideal for older individuals with mobility issues. On the other hand, birds and fish are less demanding, but they might not provide the same kind of interaction that a cat or dog can give. Whatever you choose depends on your loved ones’ needs and preferences.

Everyone deserves a decent standard of living, especially older individuals who may be more vulnerable to depression, loneliness, and isolation. Give your aging loved one the socializing opportunities they need to live a happy and fulfilled life with these helpful tips.


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