Invisible braces for straighter teeth

Patient consulting dentist

Many people nowadays want to have straighter teeth without having to wear wire-and-bracket braces that are uncomfortably visible. At contemporary dentists in Barnsley, invisible braces are a discreet and user-friendly way to improve the alignment of the teeth. They’re a convenient method of achieving a more appealing smile without attracting too much unwanted attention while treatment is on-going.

Customized efficiency

Invisible braces in Barnsley are made of transparent plastic, meticulously shaped to fit comfortably over the patient’s teeth. Contemporary dentists, like PDC Dental, use these appliances to treat a variety of mild-to-moderate re-positioning needs. At the patient’s initial consultation, the dentist will assess whether having invisible braces in Barnsley is the best way to achieve what the patient wants.

Then the dental team will take some measurements of the patient’s teeth using 3D imaging software. A dental laboratory will use these measurements to produce a series of transparent aligners. The patient will wear a set of these aligners for 7-10 days before exchanging it for the next set in the series. Because each aligner is a slightly different shape, the teeth will be gently pressured into improved positions.

The benefits of invisible braces in Barnsley

These modern realignment appliances can be taken out of the mouth when the patient wants to eat a meal or brush their teeth. This makes it easy to maintain a high standard of oral hygiene while the treatment takes place. The low visibility of the aligners means the patient will avoid the potential embarrassment associated with traditional metal braces affixed to the front of the teeth.

This treatment often takes 12 months or longer to complete. The dentist will let the patient know the exact duration before treatment begins. The length will vary depending on how much re-positioning is required.

Better position

After they stop wearing invisible braces in Barnsley, the patient will need to wear a retainer at night. This ensures the teeth stay in their improved positions. With straighter teeth, the patient will have a more appealing smile, plus a mouth that’s easier to keep clean and free from gum disease and tooth decay.


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