Why Seek Expert Help When Losing Weight

Woman standing on a weighing scale

Woman standing on a weighing scaleThe phone rings. On the other end is your college roommate who is finally walking down the aisle to tie the knot with her college sweetheart. She wants you in the bridal party. One look in the mirror and you blanch at the slight bulge in your tummy. But she’s your girl so you can’t afford to disappoint. You accept hastily and learn the wedding is in three weeks.

In your estimation, you figure you can shed the extra 20 pounds in time for the wedding. Unfortunately, as noted by medi weight loss experts in Raleigh, NC, such a move might give you short-term gains but it can ruin your life. For the best results, you should get expert help and sidestep a series of health issues.

Avoid the risk of gallstones

Many people who shed a considerable amount of weight over a short period of time are suffering from gallstones. The changes that result in the body’s system as it loses weight increases the production of cholesterol in the liver.

Gallstones pose a blockage risk in the gallbladder, which could lead to intensive abdominal risk. To avoid such complications, you should aim to lose two pounds a week (at most) until you get to your preferred weight. Spreading your weight loss over a long time is ideal.

Avoid the risk of a heart condition

Your body is a finely tuned system that applies corrective measures to maintain an optimal condition. Drastic weight loss measures interfere with the body’s abilities to regulate electrolyte balance. These electrolytes provide the necessary current to keep the heart’s muscles contracting at the right speed.

A sudden reduction in food intake distorts this balance by lowering the amount of potassium and magnesium levels. Failure to correct this anomaly leads to cardiovascular anomalies, such as heart arrhythmias.

Weight loss is a delicate problem that needs careful attention to achieve successfully. Any attempts to shed off extra pounds quickly can lead to severe health complications that can ruin your life.


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