Is Visiting the Dentist Every Six Months Really Necessary?

Dental clinicVery few people look forward to the semi-annual appointment to see the dentist. If you are among those who dread the date, you’re probably wondering why it is even necessary.

1. It’s part of the cycle.

Plaque causes tooth decay, and it builds up every day as you eat, whether you avoid sugary foods or not. Over time, this plaque will continue to accumulate and begin destroying your tooth’s enamel. By the sixth month of plaque build-up, tooth decay will begin to set in.

Hence, one of the reasons your dentist in Bath, NY, asks you to visit every half year is to combat this buildup before it inflicts any permanent damage to your teeth.

2. It helps detect potential issues.

Gum disease, mouth cancer, and problems with the lymph nodes located near the mouth are just some things that can be detected by your dentist before they become worse. Small cavities can grow into larger ones if left unchecked.

Aside from this, issues that a simple filling could solve might need a root canal operation if the problem is caught too late. All these small things can be solved easily if they the detection is early enough. The six-month gap between visits is often enough time for your dentist to catch these issues.

Realize, too, that early detection means that you won’t have to spend as much on the solution compared with what it will cost to solve the issue once the damage worsens.

So if your budget is a concern, you will certainly appreciate that the cost of filling a cavity is far lower than getting a root canal. And if you think you’re saving money by skipping your appointment, think again: playing hooky with your dentist can lead to more and bigger expenses down the road.

A quick trip to your dentist’s office might be enough to convince you. Even if you don’t have any work done on your teeth that day, have a chat with your dentist to clarify your concerns. Doing so may help ease your mind and help you become more comfortable with your visits.


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