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For centuries human beings have been using different formulations to enhance their features. The use of makeup has been with us for centuries and more recently science has provided us with non surgical treatments to highlight certain features of our body, especially our faces. For a practising dentist, being trained in human anatomy provides the knowledge to deliver aesthetic treatments like lip fillers kent. As well as a knowledge of anatomy and the effects that certain treatments have on the skin, understanding facial symmetry helps to produce the best results.

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Lip augmentation fulfilling a patient’s aspiration

When a patient expresses the desire to have their lips enhanced, it is incumbent on the provider to be able to discuss all the implications. Plumping of the lips is medically referred to as lip augmentation. As a trained and qualified dental team, this practice knows and understands human anatomy. They know all about shaping and symmetry which is important when enhancing a facial feature such as the lips. Over-enhancement can cause the filler solution to leak into other areas of the face causing lumps and bumps. As a dentist, their philosophy is to always discuss any treatment with a patient. They will provide the patient with all the information that they require to be able to decide on the procedure that they feel is best for them. Ultimately it is your decision to decide to have a specific treatment or not. They perform many lip fillers Kent procedures and always follow this procedure before treatment. This way they can also identify exactly what your expectations are and advise if your expectations are reasonable or not.

Don’t take chances

It is important to respect your body and because your skin is your largest organ it is important to take the utmost care of it. Dentistry involves not only knowing how to administer a treatment but the science behind the treatment. This applies to all forms of treatment administered to the human body. Using instruments that are properly sterilised in a safe and sterile environment are basic practices that this team follows every day. Your lips are a sensitive part of your body and a very prominent feature of your face. You need to be able to trust the practitioner who is administering the treatment and who better than your dentist, whom you know and trust to do work inside your mouth.

Using a human body friendly solution

Your body naturally produces a substance that is slippery to the touch and is found in the body, notably the eyes and the skin and this substance is called hyaluronic acid. This acid lubricates various tissues in your body. This practice does not use any animal sourced products in their lip filler treatment. Hyaluronic acid is contained in the solution that they use in their lip filler solution. Before proceeding with the lip filler procedure, your practitioner will reduce the amount of discomfort that you may experience by administering a local anaesthetic. Once this has taken effect, they will proceed by injecting the solution so that the result will be a lip enhancement that perfectly complements your face. The effects of the treatment normally last anywhere from six to twelve months, depending on the area treated, the age of the patient and the type of skin treated. Effects have been known to last for as long as eighteen months.

After treatment care

You should avoid the use of heating aids such as a steam room or exposure to the sun for long periods. Try not to rub the treated area and don’t have any skin treatments or consume alcohol for twenty fours hours. After that you will be able to enjoy displaying your new enhanced lips.


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