Modern ways for patients to align their teeth with Invisalign London

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There are still a large number of people living in the United Kingdom with misaligned teeth when there is no need for them to continue doing so. This may lead to many of these people living with a level of oral discomfort that they find unacceptable and lower than ideal oral health and hygiene standards. Yet, there is no need for anyone to live with the issues caused by misaligned or crooked teeth when there are modern dental alignment treatments available that can resolve many of these issues.

Over the past few years, more and more adults have started to better understand the benefits of having their misaligned teeth straightened, or realigned, as a way to enjoy a heightened level of oral health that they feel they require.

One of the main issues that many people report when living with misaligned teeth is that they find their teeth difficult to keep clean, as they may prove difficult to fully clean when brushing. What this may mean is that not every part of each tooth will receive the cleaning needed to keep it healthy, and this can lead to the development of dental issues.

By having misaligned teeth aligned, patients can gain a level of oral hygiene that they are happy with; however, many adults want a treatment that they can keep private if they wish. Due to its ability to be discreet, Invisalign London can provide adult patients with the private treatment they are looking for and the great results they expect from dental alignment treatment.

Invisible properties

What patients are looking for from a modern dental alignment treatment is discretion when they interact with other people, as well as the ability to deliver the desired results. The materials used to create the Invisalign devices can allow them to look invisible to others when worn in position in the mouth.

The device that is worn by the patient can be made by moulding two pieces of clear and durable plastic together to create a device that will fit over the teeth during the treatment process, unlike traditional braces that weave around a patient’s teeth. It is important to point out that a series of aligners will be created for the patient, and each should be worn for around two weeks before being replaced by the next in the series.

Patients should be fully aware that their treatment program may take 12 to 18 months to complete; while this may seem to be a large commitment for a patient to undertake, the resulting straighter teeth should be the reward for this commitment.

Getting the process started

adult woman teeth being checked up

To begin the process, patients must attend a consultation with their dentist to have their teeth, gums, and mouth fully examined. During this consultation, scans or x-rays will be taken to aid in the creation of the treatment devices. The patient will be given a full outline of the Invisalign treatment and have the opportunity to raise any concerns they may have before starting treatment.


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