Overcoming Alcohol Addiction: Staying Out of Risky Situations

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In Phoenix, Arizona and other places in the U.S., you can find lots of bars and restaurants that serve alcohol. However, it’s a no-tolerance state for “driving under the influence.” In some states, the permissible limit before a person can drive his vehicle is 0.08% blood alcohol content and below. But acraoss Arizona, you can get arrested if you’re with less than 0.08% BAC.

If you’re one of them, to quit drinking can be a tough challenge for you, especially if your place is near the bar. But there’s an effective solution for you to stay sober — finding the best transitional housing.

Things to Consider About Liquor in AZ

If you’re new in Phoenix, the most populated place in Arizona, here are the rules that you must follow so that you can avoid running into trouble in terms of transport, sale, and consumption of alcoholic beverages:

  • If you’re planning to establish a liquor business in the city, typically, the business hours are between 6am and 2am.
  • Young adults who are 21 years old are allowed to drink. People below 21 are not prohibited from consuming liquors.
  • Underage individuals shouldn’t be around liquor premises unless they are with their parent, spouse, and lawful guardian of permissible drinking age.
  • Sometimes, looks can be deceiving and certain beer establishments may ask for your I.D. before they serve you the beer. You should comply.
  • Underage persons are not allowed to purchase liquors, even if they were just asked by someone of legal age. Presenting fake I.D. leads to imprisonment.
  • If you’re in a state of intoxication, you need to stay in the bar for 30 minutes before leaving the premise and drive. This is to ensure that no trouble will happen outside.
  • Providing an unlimited number of alcoholic beverages to customers is strictly not permitted for businesses in Arizona. If you try to request for four ounces of distilled spirits just for your own consumption, the establishment won’t allow you.

The Smell of Alcohol Makes It Tough to Resist

Once you’ve tried drinking alcoholic beverages, the smell of alcohol gives you a hard time resisting the temptation to drink. This is according to the observation of a team of Edge Hill University academics. They noted that alcohol affects human behavior. By just smelling the liquor, it can decrease the capability of the person to control his behavior.

Excellent Way to Stay Sober

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Staying sober means you have stopped drinking or abandoned your addictive behavior and you are now staying clean and healthy. To avoid having a setback, you’ll need to do what it takes.

Despite all the efforts one has taken, sometimes a relapse or multiple instances may arise. So, how can you go about this? The effective solution to remain sober is to stay in a place free of liquors, illegal drugs, and bad influencers.

Don’t waste your time. Do some changes in your life so that you can dodge unbearable circumstances. If there’s a need to stay away from the people you used to hang out with and relocate somewhere else far from the same place that can stir your addiction, make the right move today.


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