Use Non-Comedogenic Products and Retinoids to Win the Acne War


Acne treatments are readily available from pharmacies in Australia. Products with salicylic acid and Benzoyl peroxide are probably on top of your list. Over-the-counter products can be effective in controlling mind breakouts and relieving mild to moderate acne.

When your acne trouble is persistent and cyclical, you’d want to consult Australian skincare clinics for a more permanent solution.

A targeted approach for acne control

Healthy skin is not prone to acne breakouts. If you eat well and maintain a largely healthy lifestyle, you will not be looking in the mirror and finding a zit that is ready to burst. Yet, even people who make healthy choices could have recurring health problems.

You would find that cleaning your face more effectively would lead to fewer breakouts. Then nip the problem at its bud, you have to change tactics, and use specific products targeting the issue. If you have recurrent acne breakouts, it is time to start using non-comedogenic products and retinoids.

Non-comedogenic products

Your skin is different from others, and you won’t always react to the use of a product in the same way as your friends. That said, there are certain products available for people like you who can’t seem to shake off acne breakouts. These products are classified as non-comedogenic.

There is a huge difference between non-comedogenic moisturisers and standard solutions. In the end, it would matter that you choose and use the former. A non-comedogenic product is specially formulated to reduce the blockage of skin pores.

You can expect good results if the product you are using is tested in a lab and recommended by dermatologists.  One of the qualities that set acne-prone skin apart is blocked pores. If you look closely at the areas of skin where acne breakouts recur, you would see that the visible scores are blocked.

When the pores are not sufficiently open, the skin cells will have a limited capacity to rid itself of excess sebum and oil. All sorts of problems arise when the skin is unable to “breathe,” so to speak. Outwardly, you’ll see blemishes on the surface.

A moisturiser that is comedogenic will produce a hydrating effect while preventing blockages of pores. It will be effective in protecting and soothing without causing aggravation.


Topical retinoids

Another essential component of an effective anti-acne regimen is using topical retinoids. Retinoids can be applied in gel form or as an especially formulated facial cream. While non-comedogenic products prevent blockage of pores, retinoids are helpful in unblocking them.

The acne spots on your face and neck are notorious for featuring blocked and swollen pores. With regular use of retinoid creams and gels, you have the means to remove the blockage and prevent new ones from forming.

Vitamin A is the source or retinoid derivatives. Some of the most popular names associated with the substance are tretinoin, adapalene and tazarotene. If you are wrestling with mild to moderate breakouts, retinoid applications could make a huge difference in your appearance.

Retinoids could boost your confidence in a jiffy, so just endure the initial peeling and redness. After an awkward phase, new and healthier skin will emerge.

Acne control is often challenging and complicated, but positive results are forthcoming in time. That is, if you are using the right products. Ask your dermatologist about retinoids and non-comedogenic products today!


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