Problems You Could Experience with a Poorly Fitted Orthodontic Appliance

Lady getting an oral check-up

Running an orthodontic practice is among the most profitable and rewarding business ventures. There are many appliances you will use daily to correct your patients’ dental issues. These include braces, dentures, space maintainers, expanders and retainers.

Achieving a perfect fit with your appliances is not easy without the digital services of an orthodontic laboratory. A properly fitted appliance is a must for all your patients regardless of the treatment they are receiving. Below are some of the effects of an orthodontic appliance that fits poorly.

1. Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcers commonly result from fixed appliances. Appliances too large for your patients’ mouth will keep slipping and might scratch their gums. These scratches could develop into ulcers and might cause systemic issues.

Though some oral health professionals use orthodontic wax for immediate relief, this is not always very efficient.

2. Toothaches and Discomfort

As orthodontic appliances start moving teeth, most patients experience some mild discomfort. Though mild discomfort is acceptable, excruciating pain is not — regardless of a patient’s pain threshold. This pain typically follows the application of orthodontic fixtures that are too tight.

Orthodontic treatment must be as comfortable as possible since any discomfort reduces the chances of patient compliance.

3. Tooth Fractures

Though rare, very tight orthodontic appliances might lead to fractured teeth. Some fractures are evident, but a significant number are cracks only visible on the removal of the appliance. By this time, these cracks have grown into large tears, which require extensive treatments to repair.

If any of your clients experience the above effects, it will negatively impact your practice. The only way you can ensure you get properly fitting appliances is by getting an orthodontic lab to contract a digital lab to design them.

The lab must use digital scanners, study models and innovative technologies to ensure you get quality and fitting appliances for your patients.


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