The Phases of Periodontal Disease

woman suffering from tootache

woman suffering from tootachePeriodontal disease is a common but unfortunately overlooked condition.  It is characterized by gum inflammation and effects on your jawbone. These typically follow tartar and plaque accumulation resulting from poor dental hygiene.

Periodontal disease is a progressive condition with different treatment regimens at various stages of the disease. The key is seeking treatment from a dentist in Stafford, VA immediately once you notice a problem. Here are the phases of periodontal disease and their treatment options.


Patients suffering from gingivitis often have bleeding gums and bad breath. This is the initial phase of the gum disease and very easily overlooked. Good oral hygiene forms a significant part of therapy at this stage. The dentist might recommend deep dental cleanings to remove tartar and plaque build-up.

Early periodontitis

Simple gingivitis when left untreated advances to early periodontitis. This is characterized by markedly inflamed gum tissue and early jawbone loss. You will also have gingival pockets about 5-mm deep, and your gums will bleed easily. The gum tissues in early periodontitis start receding and look aged. At this stage, your dentist will recommend scaling and root planning, which removes accumulated tartar and smoothes your teeth surfaces. This treatment removes the gingival pockets and enhances reattachment of your gums.

Advanced periodontitis

In this stage, your gums are prone to oozing and severely infected. Gingival pockets are at least 7-mm deep, and you struggle with bad breath, painful chewing, and foul tastes resulting from the infection. Most patients lose their teeth at this stage due to extreme gum recession. Advanced periodontitis not only affects your oral health but has also been linked to diabetes, heart disease, and several forms of cancer.

Regardless of the phase of your periodontal disease, there is an effective treatment option for you. Dental checkups twice annually will be very beneficial in diagnosing and treating gum disease early. This prevents costly treatments later and boosts your chances of full recovery.


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