Regain Your Confidence and Self-Esteem by Following These Tips

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There are many reasons why someone loses self-esteem. Some people lose confidence because they’re constantly being told about their incompetence. There are others who lost faith in their abilities. Continuous failure at something might also cause a loss of confidence. These circumstances are beyond their control. It’s just unfortunate that it has made them doubt themselves and their capabilities.

You or someone you know might be in this situation. The thing is regaining confidence is possible. It might take a lot of hard work to achieve but it’s attainable. Winning back your self-esteem is important. This is your gateway to become more functional again. It’s a way to encourage oneself to go on with challenges in life.

So what are the things that can make someone regain their confidence? How can someone uplift their self-esteem after losing it? Here are some ways to somehow start working on oneself and begin trusting your abilities.

1. Self-affirmation

Some think that giving yourself compliments doesn’t do something significant for you. You can just hear yourself say them, but they don’t penetrate your inner being. However, this might not be the case, according to research. A study cited in National Center for Biotechnology Information says that self-affirmation can benefit those who have low self-esteem. This only means that self-affirmation can be a way to boost your weak confidence.

You can start with something like what was mentioned above. Give yourself compliments every time you face the mirror. Or do that every chance you get. Celebrate things that made you advance in your career. Commend yourself for doing a great job at work. Tell yourself you’re good at everything you do. There can be a lot of chances where you can commend yourself.

2. Go on a Diet

If your low self-esteem is caused by how you look at your body, start doing something about it. While it’s true that you should be body-positive, that alone might not help if you feel like you need to do more. If you think that getting fit is a way for you to regain your confidence, start with going on a diet.

There are plenty of diet methods available on the internet, but you must be cautious. Not all diet methods can apply to everyone. You can consult a dietitian or nutritionist. You might also be working with an autoimmune coach because of a condition. Consult them first if you want to go on a diet. This is to ensure the safest diet options for you.

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3. Improve Your Physique

Along with a proper diet, you should also engage yourself in physical activities. But then again, you only have to do this if you think your body affects your self-esteem. Your diet should be accompanied by regular exercise. Do this so you can achieve a physique that can help you regain your confidence. Get a gym membership. But getting one isn’t the only answer. You also have to be committed to fitness.

Make sure that you’re going to take advantage of that gym membership that you got. If you want to be motivated more, you can hire a fitness trainer. They can be a good way to drive you to do your best every time you’re at the gym. They can teach you the best exercise for the body parts you want to work out. Do everything to the best of your ability to achieve that physique you think will boost your self-confidence.

4. Pamper Yourself

One way to make you feel good about yourself is by taking care of yourself. Take a well-deserved vacation. Get a haircut and buy a pair of pants. Fit some clothes you think are flattering for you. Wear them on your next night out and show your outfit to your friends. Go to a dermatology clinic and have your face treated. Do anything that helps you work on regaining your confidence while taking good care of yourself.

5. Think about Your Mental Health

Prioritizing your mental health can help you work on bringing back your self-esteem. You already know that loss of confidence in oneself can affect several aspects of your life. One of those aspects is your mental health.

If you’re going to put your mental health on top of your priorities, that’s going to help you drive yourself to regain self-esteem. Use that drive as your motivation to bring back the confidence you once lost. Doing this can automatically help you with two things. Regaining your confidence and making sure that your mental health is doing well.


It might never be easy to regain your self-esteem. But you can surely do it slowly. This might not be something you can track the progress of on paper but you’ll surely feel the improvements within yourself. Just be consistent in working on your confidence and you’ll soon be enjoying the fruits of your labor.


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