Regaining Stability

Dentist showing dental implants

Dentist showing dental implantsIn Richmond, dentures are often stabilised using implants. This provides the patient with a secure base for their replacement teeth. The problems of loose dentures become a thing of the past, and the patient can use their new teeth just like natural ones. There’s no more need for messy adhesives, and the implant-retained dentures can be securely affixed in the mouth, so they don’t need to be removed.

An innovative procedure

Stabilising dentures in Richmond happens in several stages. At South West London dentists such as Sheen Dental Implants, the first step is a detailed consultation. The patient will need sufficient jawbone density, as well as good oral health, before work can begin. Preliminary treatment may be needed before the implants are placed.

Once the patient is ready, there’s a minor surgical procedure in which the dentist places small, screw-like metal posts into the patient’s jawbone. Following a short period of rest, the patient then returns to the practice, to have their dentures attached to the posts.

Many benefits

There are numerous advantages to having implant-retained dentures in Richmond:

• The jawbone forms a secure bond with the implanted metal, providing a strong base for the dentures. The patient can enjoy biting into and chewing their food without worrying about their teeth falling out;

• There’s no need for adhesives, and the new teeth are easy to clean. Good oral hygiene is easier to maintain;

• The patient will retain their facial bone structure, because the implants prevent the deterioration that can lead to the face looking sunken after long-term tooth loss;

• Speech might be more fluent because the newly-stable teeth make certain words easier to pronounce.

Improved future

By using implants to stabilise their dentures in Richmond, the patient will gain an improvement in their overall dental experience. This powerful technique can be used for any number of replacement teeth, from a single one to a whole set. It’s a durable solution to the problems of loose dentures. As long as the patient cares for them properly, the implants can last for decades. For anyone who wants to enhance their dentures in Richmond, this procedure offers long-lasting security.


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