Today’s Technology: Photobiomodulation

Man undergoing therapy

Man undergoing therapyPhotobiomodulation therapy (PBMT) is best known for its technical term, Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). If you visit any photobiomodulation service in your area, you would know that this involves lasers and LEDs. CryoSpace further explains that it aims to repair tissues and reduce pain. It’s typically used for sports injuries and neuropathic pain syndromes. Furthermore, research shows that this therapy can also be beneficial for those experiencing arthritic joints as well as back and neck pains.

All About Light Therapy

When light is at certain wavelengths, it can serve as a performance enhancer. It can only mean different effects regarding one’s performance. Scientists were able to discover that with the proper optimization of the type and duration of light we receive, it’s possible to improve sleep quality, provide more energy, and reduce inflammation.

Light therapy makes use of a light box that exposes a person to the healing effects of light at different wavelengths. When light affects the internal circadian rhythm, it allows the body to perform at a much higher rate. Ever noticed how you feel more awake and energized after taking a morning walk? In the early mornings, the sun gives off blue light. This light is the same blue light that triggers wakefulness. For those who don’t receive enough blue light, they can easily make use of devices that emit it.

However, this type of light should be avoided at night. There are technological inventions that help with this issue, such as F.lux and the iPhone’s “Night Shift,” which stops the screen from emitting this light spectrum at night. Furthermore, there have been scientific innovations pertaining to light bulbs giving off varying wavelengths. There are now light bulbs for sleeping and light bulbs for being alert and awake.

Benefits of Photobiomodulation

  • Enhancement of Cognitive Skills

    This type of therapy promises substantial enhancement of one’s cognitive skills. A research was done on photomedicine and laser surgery showing that therapies using near-infrared light can increase reaction time with no unfavorable effects. This approach is the same as methylene blue; it increases memory formation and neuroprotection.

  • Reverse Signs of Aging

    It’s impossible to turn back time, but with PBMT services, you can reverse the signs of aging. This light therapy can stimulate collagen production to reduce and eliminate the signs of aging.

  • Reduce Inflammation

    Inflammation is regarded as one of the consequences of physically and mentally performing too much. Pushing past your physical and mental capacity can lead to pain, brain fog, and some chronic diseases.

Continuous research on light therapy indicates far more benefits being discovered in the near future. Furthermore, the best way to go about receiving the “right” kind of light is by having morning walks out in the sun.


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