Straightening teeth for that confident smile

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For those people who do not have straight teeth, there is a high likelihood that they are not happy with their smile. Dubbed as one of the biggest dating turn offs, according to a recent study, crooked teeth are associated with less success and less pleasure.

In order to achieve life goals, whether they be for business, romance or for socialising with friends, individuals need to be able to feel like they can express themselves freely and confidently. Having a healthy and beautiful smile can certainly help with that.

By seeking professional help in order to correct the misalignment of teeth, there is rarely a time that an individual will regret their decision. Most adults only wish they had committed to this life changing procedure earlier, whilst many teens express gratitude that they got the treatment over and done with during their younger years, so that they could enjoy a healthier smile for longer.

There is no difference in results, whether a teenager or an adult seeks to wear braces in Kings Hill. A specially trained professional is able to guide them into making the correct decision that provides them with the most outstanding results.

It is known that it may take slightly longer for an adult to straighten their teeth compared to a teenager and this is simply because the bones in the jaw have had longer to set as people age. The teeth will still move however and patients need only to be more committed to their treatment, as adults generally are.

Of course, the time frame will differ from person to person, depending on the severity of their dental misalignment. For those individuals who have a mild, cosmetic issue, they will find that their treatment is a lot shorter than a younger individual who has complex issues.

A dentist is able to provide the kind of specific and bespoke treatment guidelines that are needed for their patient to make the right kinds of educated decisions regarding models, time frames and costs. By working together, both dentist and patient can find a solution that is best aligned to their needs. This may be a combination of different treatments, with the final aim of creating healthier and more beautiful teeth.

Why are straighter teeth healthier?

child with straight teeth

There are a few factors to consider when discussing this question. Firstly, it should be understood that teeth out of alignment or that stick out of the mouth are more susceptible to damage should one have an accident or fall. This can lead to devastating consequences that may have been avoided, or lessened, if the teeth were in neat alignment.

Secondly, crooked or cramped teeth are much harder to clean. This can lead to cavities between the teeth or a build-up of plaque and bad bacteria where teeth are crossed over and debris is captured.

Another point can be made about the emotional welfare of the individual and how they care for their smile when they love it more. This may not be true in some cases, but it is not uncommon for a person to pay more attention to cleaning and caring for their teeth when they are pleased with how they look.


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