Want to know more about dermal fillers? Your 5 most searched questions answered!

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When looking for a way to banish stubborn wrinkles and fine lines from your face, there are many cosmetic options to choose from.

As more people approach cosmetic surgeons across the UK to give their faces a fresher appearance, more practical options for wrinkle removal have been devised, meaning that you no longer have to undertake surgery to rejuvenate your skin.

Enter dermal fillers in Buckinghamshire!

Devised to help erase fine lines and now used for everything from non-surgical rhinoplasties to facelifts, dermal fillers in Buckinghamshire are a top-quality way to erase fine lines from your face and reinvigorate your skin. One of the most popular cosmetic techniques used in the UK, dermal fillers in Buckinghamshire are quick, cost-effective and require no extensive recovery time.

But, before you rush to your local cosmetic clinic to book dermal fillers in Buckinghamshire, you will undoubtedly have some questions.

Below are the answers to the top 5 FAQs about hyaluronic fillers in the UK.

What are dermal fillers in Buckinghamshire made from?

The traditional dermal filler in Buckinghamshire is made from a naturally occurring protein called hyaluronic acid.

This protein is responsible for creating a firmer and plumper look to the skin, but as we age our bodies naturally produce less of it, leading to wrinkles and fine lines.

Once the filler is injected into the sub-surface of the skin, it will naturally degrade with time, but depending on the area and the longevity of the filler used, this can take up to 12 months to occur.

Does having them injected hurt?

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There is a mild to minimal discomfort associated with the injection of dermal fillers in Buckinghamshire.

Depending on the clinic you choose to undertake this treatment with, the injections may also contain a numbing agent known as lidocaine; a naturally occurring numbing agent that reduces the unpleasant sensation of the injection.

Are there any side effects?

One of the most commonly reported side effects of dermal fillers in Buckinghamshire is localised bruising and swelling to the area where the injections were performed.

After the fillers are injected, for a few days afterward, you may notice some tenderness on and around the injection sites; this is completely normal and is nothing to worry about.

However, if there is excessive swelling, discomfort or redness anywhere on your body, seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Do I need to do anything special before they are injected?

If you take medication that increases the chance of bruising, like aspirin, discontinue use the day before the treatment.

If you are taking any prescribed medications, like Warfarin, always check with your doctor that it is safe to discontinue usage before you have dermal fillers in Buckinghamshire. Vitamins such as garlic, ginseng, and St.John’s Wort can also increase the likelihood of bruising.

Do they contain animal products?

Simply put, no.

Hyaluronic acids that are used in dermal fillers in Buckinghamshire do not contain any animal products or derivatives and are safe to use on people who have allergies to egg or lactose.


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