Straightening Up for the Future

teeth having braces

Braces are an effective way to treat badly aligned teeth. Having wonky teeth is a common problem, one that affects a large portion of the population. Types of braces range from fixed and metal to out of sight and almost invisible. In places like Beaconsfield, clear braces are improving the dental health of many patients. There is a distinct advantage in opting for clear braces, they are discreet and with brands such as Six Month Smiles, many people can have a straight set of teeth in under a year.

Teeth for Life

Patients are getting clear braces in Beaconsfield from trusted dental practices such as Garden View Dental Care. Clear braces are a great investment for people looking to increase the life expectancy of their teeth. When people look after the long-term health of their teeth, gums and jaw joints, ultimately they can look forward to keeping their teeth looking good and feeling good for many years. Nobody wants to endure toothaches, tooth loss, root canals or dentures after all. And the fact is straight teeth are more likely to stay healthy.

Fact #1

There are large forces transferred from jaw muscles to teeth while people chew through their favourite meals. Having wonky teeth can mean some teeth bear the brunt of this force. These teeth can chip, fracture and so be more prone to decay. Getting teeth straight means the biting pressure is spread out evenly across all the teeth, meaning less damage is likely to occur.

Fact #2

Straight teeth help to keep gum disease and cavities at bay. When teeth are squashed together at awkward angles they can be difficult to keep clean with usual brushing and flossing routines. Food and bacteria can get trapped in hard to reach areas, which means the risk of decay increases. Straightening up teeth means straightening up oral health too.

Fact #3

Getting an attractive smile with clear braces in Beaconsfield does wonders for a person’s self-esteem, social life and even for their career. When people feel good in their skin, and teeth, they are more likely to exude confidence.


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