Sugar Will Rot Teeth

Woman eating a dessert

There are many half-truths when it comes to what could lead to a trip to see a dentist in Stockport. One is that sweets rot your teeth. Many parents like to tell their children this every time they ask for sweets. There’s no denying that sugar leads to cavity formation, but sweets are not the number one culprit of tooth decay. A dentist in Stockport, like those at Unidental will tell every patient that sugary and carby snacks that cling to the teeth, such as raisins and crisps, do more damage than those that saliva washes away, such as boiled sweets.

Going to the dentist is painful

There are people who don’t go to the dentist because they think it’s going to be a painful experience. It’s not really like that anymore. New dental technology, developments in anesthetics and more conservative dental procedures have made visits to a dentist in Stockport much more comfortable.

Not brushing teeth is the only reason for bad breath

Poor dental hygiene can cause bad breath, but it’s not the only thing leads to bad breath. There are many factors that can cause it, including illness, acid reflux, medication and even dehydration. In addition, sometimes what a patient eats, or drinks can create bad breath no matter how many times they brush and floss.

Whitening weakens teeth

There are procedures available from a dentist in Stockport to make patients pearly whites even whiter. If used correctly, dental whitening products are harmless. They do not affect the health or strength of the teeth, only the colour. At the same time, too much bleaching may cause temporary tooth sensitivity or irritated gums; the enamel, however, is not weakened by this.

Tooth decay is easily noticeable

This is the type of false information that can lead to serious dental problems. The fact is there are no early symptoms of tooth decay. By the time pain is experienced, tooth decay has led to nerve damage, which means the decay is advanced and extensive. The only way to know if a patient has tooth decay, and to prevent it, is to visit a dentist in Stockport twice a year for a check-up and routine clean.


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