Scanning to Support Invisalign-iTero in London

Dentist treating a patient's oral hygiene

Using modern technology can revolutionise a patient’s experience of a treatment like teeth straightening. iTero is a scanner that is used to take 3D images of a patient’s teeth. These are submitted wirelessly to the dentist’s analysis equipment, which makes things easier for them and has a knock-on effect of making the process simpler and faster for the patient. iTero is compatible with the Invisalign system so many practitioners are using this scanner to improve the teeth straightening service that they offer their patients.

When patients work at a clinic that uses iTero, like Graham Tinkler, they can experience some tangible benefits. Their practitioner should be happy to talk them through the specifics of how it can help with Invisalign-iTero in London offers experiences like.

Faster set-up

When patients come in for Invisalign, the first thing the dentist needs to do is gather data. This is used to create a digital model of treatment and to provide Invisalign with the data they need to produce the patient’s aligners. iTero blends seamlessly with this process as the scanner is able to provide the data required directly to the Invisalign software without having to go through a conversion process. This means a much faster set-up time.

Better fitting equipment

It stands to reason that digital scanning offers a more accurate model than impressions. iTero is precision technology that is able to scan the varied surfaces of the teeth. When this more accurate data is used to create aligners, they tend to fit better that those modelled on manual data. This means they are snug and therefore less likely to slip or cause discomfort.

Better patient experience of Invisalign

iTero in London is a smooth, non-invasive process. Some patients find taking impressions to be an uncomfortable process that sometimes stimulates a gag reflex or leaves an unpleasant feeling in the mouth. All of this is in the past with iTero in London.

A preview of results

This is one of the most popular features of iTero with patients. They can see a simulation of the likely results of their treatment. This can give them a boost and help them look forward to their new smile during treatment.


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