Teeth Desensitisation at the Dentist in Buckinghamshire

woman suffering from tootache

When someone begins to feel a twinge in their teeth when they eat or drink foods at higher or lower temperatures, we say these people have sensitive teeth. Some people also experience sensations from the general movements of their teeth if they are particularly sensitive. It’s tempting for people to ignore the problem and hoe it goes away or to adapt their diet so that they avoid foods the like but cannot eat without a problem. Both of these steps may be unnecessary if they visit their dentist in Buckinghamshire.

A dentist in Buckinghamshire, like Garden View Dental Care, may be able to do something to change someone’s experience of eating and drink when they have sensitive teeth.

What causes sensitive teeth?

There are a number of different causes for sensitive teeth. Some are related to the structure of the body of the tooth while others can be a result of exposure of the base of the tooth where the gum has receded. In general, sensitivity is less likely to occur when someone has a diligent dental hygiene routine. The dentist in Buckinghamshire can offer specific advice on what methods can be used to prevent any issues.

Why is it important to desensitise at the dentist in Buckinghamshire?

There are a number of products available on the high street that claim to help with tooth desensitisation. So, what are the advantages of visiting a dental professional to address the issue? To begin with, they may be able to accurately identify the causes of the sensitive teeth. There may be some repair require to stop the problem of prevent it getting worse. Once this is completed, they can offer a treatment to specifically address the sensitivity.

Once solution that is offered for general sensitivity is the application of fluoride using custom-made trays. As these are specially made for each patient, they hold the desensitising product very close to the teeth to ensure there is excellent coverage. The patient can take the trays home and use them on a regular basis according to their dentist’s instructions to prevent issues reoccurring. Many people experience great relief from sensitive teeth using this method.


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