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Dentist with patient smiling

Dentist with patient smilingWhen it comes to it, losing one’s teeth, never a happy experience, can become downright miserable when the cost of replacing them with the highest level of device is going to be as much as a small flat. It seems unfair that in the 21st century, getting replacement teeth that actually work and last a long time should be out of the price range of so many people, but with dental implants in the UK and Ireland often costing at least £1,500 each, it’s easy to see why so many people are having to make do with dentures.

Or are they? More and more are refusing to put up with spending the rest of their lives with wobbly false teeth and are instead going on an adventure to get dental implants abroad. In some countries, such as Hungary, dental tourism is big business. Around 65,000 people a year come into the airport and over the borders from elsewhere in the world in order to save 40-70% on the cost of their treatment by getting dental implants abroad at clinics such as Access Smile.

Why Hungary?

Budapest has thousands of highly trained dentists working in world-class clinics and using only the best implants, such as Straumann and Nobel Biocare. These dentists are registered with the Hungarian Dental Council, and, if they have dentists working in the patient’s home country too, they will be registered with that country’s dental council. The reason that these highly skilled practitioners can offer treatments at much lower prices is that the cost of living in Hungary is much lower. This means that they pay lower rents and business rates for their properties and their earnings go further so they can charge less.

Hungary has been a dental tourism destination since the 1980s when the Germans and Austrians started popping over their borders to take advantage of great dental implants abroad at much lower prices. Now the Brits and Irish do it too, often adding in some sightseeing in this beautiful city on the river Danube, between sessions at the Budapest dentist. Many dental clinics cater for this by linking up with trusted accommodation providers so that both can benefit from this influx of people.


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