The march of dental technology

Woman showing her white teeth

Woman showing her white teethTechnology advances, there is just no stopping it. Think of the first mobile phones, which looked more like bricks, then look at the svelte, multifunctional smartphones of today. Dental technology continues to advance too. Take dentures in Edinburgh; there was a time when these replacement teeth were uncomfortable, unstable and unnatural-looking. Patients could either wear these conspicuous fake teeth or try to get by with unsightly gaps. Thankfully dentures have transformed as much as mobile phones have.

Dentures in Edinburgh are more comfortable, secure and life-like than ever before. Crafting these dentures is both an art and a science, which is why some dental practices, such as Edinburgh Dental Specialists, prefer to keep their manufacture in-house, to ensure a close working relationship between the dentist who fits the dentures and the dental technicians who make them. The end result is improved fit and function for the patient.

So just what makes dentures in Edinburgh today so different than before?

IVOCLAR injection moulding

IVOCLAR injection moulding allows for the production of strong dentures with more precise moulding and a higher degree of accuracy in fit. This innovative technique prevents warping or shrinkage of the dentures during the production process, which can occur with standard moulding.

Natural effects

Technological advances aren’t limited to dental equipment and machinery. Progress has been made in the dental resins and stains used to create artificial teeth, which to the untrained observer are completely indistinguishable in appearance from natural teeth.

Lifetime guarantees

With improved denture manufacturing many dental practices today are confident enough to offer lifetime guarantees against manufacturing faults, giving patients greater peace of mind.


To ensure a good fit, patients are encouraged to go back to their dentist if their dentures in Edinburgh don’t feel quite right. Adjustments can be made to get the fit just right, which will aid stability. However, for the greatest level of stability, dentures can now be secured into the jawbone using dental implants.

Deciding on dentures

For patients who have experienced tooth loss, it is vitally important for their oral health to get prompt treatment. An experienced dentist can help them explore their options and determine if full or partial dentures are the right choice for them.


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