Three things people don’t often know about dental implants in Belfast

denture model

Teeth model for dental implantsGetting to know a treatment, like dental implants in Belfast, is an important part of becoming comfortable with going ahead with it. This can include the nuts and bolts of what will happen, details about costs and appointments or positive facts about the procedure and its history.

Some patients want to know everything about every aspect when they get dental implants in Belfast, whereas others just want to know enough to get them from the start of the process to the finish line. A knowledgeable practitioner, like Blue Sky Dentistry, can meet their patient’s need for information regardless of the level of detail they want. Below are just a few interesting facts about dental implants that patients often enjoy knowing.

Dental implants become part of the body

More than 80 years ago, scientists called Bothe, Beaton and Davenport observed that when titanium is used in the body, it stimulates a process called osseointegration which literally means ‘joining with bone’. About 15 years later, another researcher, Per-Ingvar Brånemark, began to see the potential of this effect for improving dental implants. He noticed that bone effectively became enmeshed with titanium so it became part of the body.

Today’s implants are usually made from titanium. Osseointegration is the effect that gives dental implants in Belfast their strength and ability to move in close harmony with the actions of the jawbone.

Tooth restoration can have a big impact

Having missing teeth is not a trivial issue. It can affect someone’s ability to eat, speak and smile with confidence. This, in turn, can affect their desire to socialise or generally interact with others. Having teeth replaced with dental implants in Belfast can restore self-esteem and reinvigorate areas of life that have been compromised by missing teeth.

Some treatments take just a few hours

Some patients may have the impression that dental implants must take a long time to fit. However, it is possible for someone to have all the components of their new teeth fitted in a single appointment that takes just a few hours. Many patients can walk into a clinic in the morning with missing teeth and walk out in the afternoon with a new smile.


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