Why You Should Use Sunscreen More Often

a woman applying sunscreen on her shoulder

When we think sunscreen, we usually associate it with hot, sunny days spent on the beach, or going for a dip in the pool. That’s because most of us only put on sunscreen when summer arrives. In the UK, it’s common for the sun lotions and creams to be packed away after the summer days are gone.

As it turns out, sunscreen might be more important than you think, because the risks associated with summer sunshine do not end when autumn arrives. According to mayfairpractice.co.uk, the number of diagnoses has risen for two different types of skin cancer associated with exposure to UV rays. The health risks are not brought on by natural light alone, but even sources of artificial light. With that in mind, here are some reasons why you should apply sunscreen regularly.

Protection Against UV Rays

That exposure to UV rays causes of skin cancer is well-known. The risks extend even outside sunny days, though, especially with atmospheric changes brought on by climate change. Although the ozone layer is recovering in some areas, it is thinning in others, letting harmful UV rays penetrate the atmosphere, increasing our exposure and making us more susceptible to this carcinogen.

Red-haired people are more at-risk, as they possess the MC1R gene mutation, which creates a carcinogenic pathway that prolonged UV exposure activates.

Prevents Sunburn

You can be sunburnt anytime of year, not just in the summer. Sunburns are painful, and leave an ugly red mark on the skin. It may create more adverse effects than simply being inconvenient, though. Your skin may experience repeated bouts of swelling, hives, and peeling. Sunburns can also heighten the risk of melanoma. Applying sunscreen not only shields you from these risks, it can even protect against heat stroke brought about by UV exposure.

Prevents Premature Ageing

Sunscreen can help you keep your skin smooth and radiant. It keeps your skin tone even, eliminating signs of ageing such as fine lines, brown spots, discolouration, and wrinkles. Some studies show that people aged below 55 who used sunscreen were 24 per cent more likely to delay signs of ageing.
Sunscreen has many protective uses that most of us ignore once the days grow shorter. To keep your skin safe and protected, put some on.


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