Three Tips for Avoiding Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Kid showing his teeth

Although milk teeth might only be temporary, they have a strong role to play in how your child learns to chew, smile and even talk. However, it is common for kids to be affected by baby bottle tooth decay at an early age.

This is because parents tend to expose their kids’ teeth to sugary foods and milk formulas which are thriving grounds for bacteria. In the process, such kids end up getting affected by the bacteria which turn the sugar on their teeth into acids. With the three-pointers below, you can get to save your kids from tooth decay at an early age.

Use Clean Pacifiers

While you might follow all the recommended¬†pediatric dentistry practice from South Bend clinics, other items that you place in your kid’s mouth might contribute to the decay of their teeth. For example, if your pacifier has sugary remnants, it will encourage bacterial growth in your kid’s mouth. Clean and sterilize their pacifiers before use. Additionally, avoid dipping the pacifiers into sugary liquids such as honey.

Clean Their Teeth After Every Meal

Once your kid is done taking some juice, milk or sugary food, use a wet piece of cloth to wipe their gums and teeth gently. In case your kid is old enough to brush their teeth, encourage them to do so by buying them a suitable toothbrush. For example, rough bristled toothbrushes will only make them hate brushing their teeth. In addition to letting your kids feel in control through allowing them to brush their teeth, find ways that will make brushing their teeth fun.

Expose Them to Fluoride

Fluoride has a lot of benefits to offer to your kid’s dental health. First of all, it coats the teeth which help prevent tooth decay. Additionally, it heals early signs of tooth decay by demineralizing the affected areas. You can simply expose your kids to enough fluoride through offering them fluoride-rich drinking water or using fluoridated toothpaste to brush their teeth.

Optimal dental hygiene is essential to maintain the cute smile of your kid. Lucky for you, it is easy to control your kid’s dental hygiene. Use the above tips and get to keep baby bottle tooth decay at bay.


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