How Teens Can Recover from an Oral Surgery Fast

Dentist examining patient's teeth

In a 2012 review, researchers found that wisdom teeth removal helps reduce teeth crowding in later age. That’s why there are more wisdom tooth surgeries in recent years. In fact, about 10 million wisdom teeth are removed in the U.S. every year.

Does your teenager need to undergo this dental surgery? Here are some things that can help. Use some of these tips after your teenager finishes treatment in any of the oral surgery clinics in your area.

Know what to eat the day after

Even with the use of anesthesia, wisdom teeth removal can be extremely painful and if your teenager has a low pain tolerance, it can even be more excruciating. But there are many ways to work around the pain problem. Parents should prepare the steps for pain management after the surgery.

Because of the pain, some people forego eating, especially breakfast. But it’s important to keep a balanced diet after getting a dental treatment. Try to blend some fruits and vegetables with yogurt and add some protein powder for a healthy breakfast.

Free up their schedule

Dental surgeries can be taxing, which is why it’s important for parents to free their kids’ schedule before, during, and after any treatment. Kids shouldn’t have to worry about any upcoming exams, games, or other social events. Talk to their teachers if necessary. What they need to focus on is the recovery. The faster they can recover from the surgery, the faster they can get back on track.

Keep ice packs within reach.

Expect some swelling and bruising during the first 24 hours post-surgery. Keep the ice packs handy, so kids can apply them to the painful areas for 30 minutes. You must reapply after 15 minutes, so make sure you have plenty of ice packs at home.

Wisdom teeth removal, like other dental surgeries, can be tough on anyone, especially younger patients. Keep these tips in mind to help your teenager recover fast and minimize any risk of infection.


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