Three Ways to Improve Your Fledgling Dental Practice

A portrait of a dentist with his team working in the background

When you’re beginning your dental practice, there can be an overwhelming variety of demands placed upon you. Some patients are looking to negotiate your treatment pricing; others want you to squeeze them into a busy schedule, forcing you to work long hours. At the same time, you still want to continue learning to learn new techniques and offer a broader range of procedures.

So what are the best ways to build your practice? Here are three areas you might not initially consider but will prove beneficial in the long run.

Upgrade your equipment

It may not be the first thing you’d like to hear, especially when you’re just starting your dental career. But investing in better equipment will undoubtedly pay off throughout your practice – and it’s something you can do gradually over the years.

Even though becoming a good dentist is a matter of improving your skills and furthering your education, you stand to benefit from the occasional gear upgrade. A premium dental operating light, for example, may come with features such as touch-free controls or customizable arm reach. These small conveniences make your work easier and reduce the strain on your body. Taking care of yourself might well be the best way to provide better care for your patients.

Run the practice like a business

Sometimes, as a dentist, you can become too focused on the service aspect of your profession. While caring for your patients and helping others to improve or maintain their dental health is certainly a fulfilling job, you shouldn’t ignore the business side of things.

Study the way modern businesses market themselves to expand their reach and bring in more customers. A lot of potential customers may be running online searches for dental services. An optimized website is a good starting point, but beyond that, you may want to invest in local ad listings and search engine optimization. You can also start to build your professional presence on social media and gain referrals that way.

Customer service is another area where you can learn best practices from other industries. Even if you have excellent face-to-face interactions with your patients, it takes a special skill set to manage online interactions with customers deftly. While this task may be delegated to your staff, you should make sure that they are correctly responding to feedback and turning any negative reviews into potential opportunities to build trust and good customer relationships.

Improve the organization

Group of dentists and their assistants

Your employees aren’t just there to make your job easier; as a whole, your dental practice can function better when the various aspects are being continuously improved upon. Consider having your employees train in additional skills to make your operations run more efficiently and innovatively. Competency in data analysis, for example, allows an employee to break down the numbers for you, for instance, which procedures are maximizing returns.

Implementing additional systems such as digital customer management and automated billing is another way to streamline your processes. You’ll be able to make the customer experience smoother while maintaining comprehensive and securely backed up records.

Keep in mind that none of these improvements are steps you’d expect to carry out overnight. The core of your practice is always going to be your dedication to honing your skills and techniques and your commitment to excellent patient care. Take small steps along the way to build on these aspects of the dental business, and you’ll witness the results over time.


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