Broaden your smile with dental implants

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We live in a society that is incredibly image conscious, especially with the advent of social media influencing us. Smiling widely in selfies is now not only considered a norm but a daily ritual in the lives of younger generations. If you have tooth issues that prevent you from doing what you love and showing off online, you might want to consider cosmetic dentistry.

Replacement teeth improve not only your appearance, but also your overall oral health and hygiene.

What are my possible options for treatment?

Dentures and bridges have been around for a while, so some people might prefer these procedures to newer ones, as there is sufficient evidence proving their effectiveness and their many success stories to boot. That said, older and more conventional treatments are not without their shortfalls that tend to restrict your life in specific ways.

Dentures fall out, and bridges distort the shape of neighboring teeth to secure abutment connectors. At the same time, false teeth of these kinds do not look natural, and so it is evident to others that you are wearing them, especially when you laugh or open your mouth widely.

 Why should I consider dental implantology?

For the reasons listed above, you might want to consider newer treatments. In which case, dental implants in South Hampton might be the solution that you are looking for.

As the name suggests, metal screws are drilled and implanted into your jaw. This is a good thing because your missing tooth is being replaced at its root – advantageous because your chances of suffering major bone loss and contracting infections in your mouth are significantly lowered. At the same time, your replacement tooth looks real and works like a functioning tooth, that even you as the wearer will forget that it is an artificial tooth.

Can I afford such state-of-the-art treatment

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While ever-increasing in its popularity, some might be dubious of implantology not just because of its relative newness, but might also be scared off by the price. Why choose it when there are more affordable methods on the market that are known to work nearly as effectively?

While the costs in the short term are more; the long-term benefits outweigh the price you pay. If looked after correctly, you will not have to have your replacement tooth upgraded in five to ten years, actually making it more of a money-saver than dentures and bridges when considered from a “bigger picture” perspective.

You have me convinced – will insurance cover the treatment?

Depending on who you are with, the treatment is covered or at least partially covered so that you are not out of pocket.

A procedure of this kind is defined as a “major service”, so first discuss with your medical insurance to avoid being left with a hefty bill you cannot afford to pay back. Investigating dental plans are worth your while.

If you want a natural tooth replacement procedure that is low maintenance and does not affect your lifestyle negatively, implants are the way to go.


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