What Can the Orthodontist in Harley Street Fix?

Patient on dentist chair with dentist

Orthodontics is the art of restoring alignment to the teeth. This kind of work is usually carried out by an orthodontist in Harley Street when it comes to complex cases. Someone is often referred to an orthodontist by their regular dentist.

Some practices have an orthodontist in Harley Street that works within their normal dental team. The advantage of this is that patients can get continuity of care as well as being able to easily take advantage of the other services that are on offer at a practice like Harley Street Dental Clinic.

There are four main objectives that an orthodontist in Harley Street might have. Each of these could be the only focus for a treatment or they can be combined in complicated cases.

Realigning crowded teeth

It’s common for teeth to grow through a little crowded. This can mean that they push each other out of alignment. Sometimes, in order to get them back in line, the orthodontist might need to consider extracting a tooth or two to make room. However, there are plenty of modern orthodontic methods that can be used to create the space without taking this step. It is delicate work which takes considerable planning, so this is where the skills of an orthodontist in Harley Street are useful.

Bite correction

One of the problems that frequently develops from misalignment is a bite that does not meet in some way. This can cause tooth damage as well as pain in the mouth and surrounding areas. An orthodontist can address bite issues with a comprehensive treatment plan.

Improved appearance

There are lots of options when it comes to cosmetic orthodontic treatment plans. Many modern methods can correct issues with the visible teeth with quick and easy solutions. However, the orthodontist might get involved if the refinement involves more difficult manoeuvres like rotation.

Reducing the chance of damage to the teeth

Some people have very prominent teeth. As they stand out from the others, there is more chance of causing damage to these teeth in the course of everyday life. Even if someone is generally happy with the look of their smile, they may want to consider some orthodontic treatment to protect their teeth.


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