Why Do You Need to Wash Your Face?

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Everyone starts their day by washing their face. If you do not, then you should. Washing your face in the morning is not just to help wake you up, as it also greatly benefits your skin.

But take note that simply splashing your face with water is not considered washing. You need a good cleanser to get clear, glowing skin. And besides, with today’s technology, it is so easy to buy a quality face wash online. Continue reading to learn more about the many benefits of regularly washing your face.

Get Younger-Looking Skin

Sleeping with your makeup on will suffocate your skin, as it deprives it of oxygen and other vital nutrients. Aside from your makeup, dead skin cells are also removed every time you wash your face. Moreover, you remove dirt and oil, giving you a fresh look.

Excessive buildup of dirt on your face can cause blockages that will trap dead skin cells, oil and sweat. This will then lead to inflammation, resulting in an acne breakout.

Only when your skin is free from the dead skin cells, makeup, and other blockages that it can breathe properly. This helps retain the skin’s moisture, giving you a more youthful glow. Take note that dry and dehydrated skin not only looks but also feels rough and aged.

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Prevent Skin Dehydration and Excessive Oil Production

When you wash your face at night, you prevent your skin from getting dehydrated. The skin’s temperature rises considerably at night, which can cause it to lose some of its moisture. This is the reason the skin feels itchier during the night. Applying moisturizer on your face helps retain some of its moisture. However, you cannot apply a moisturizer without washing your face.

Washing your face in the morning is equally important. Daytime cleansing removes excess sebum that was produced by the skin overnight. Additionally, you have more dead skin cells in the morning.

Improve Blood Circulation

The massaging motion you do when you wash your face actually improves your skin’s blood circulation. This enhances the delivery of oxygen and vital nutrients to your skin cells, making them healthier. This then helps give your facial skin a youthful glow that everyone will surely take notice of.

When washing your face, what you can do is to gently stroke from your forehead, down to your cheeks and then your neck. Afterwards, roll your knuckles across your forehead, cheeks and chin. These soft and gentle movements will get your blood flowing and also relax you. But make sure not to use excessive pressure when massaging your face.

Regularly washing your face helps retain skin moisture to keep it hydrated, looking radiant and feeling healthy. It also helps boost blood circulation. However, at the end of the day, the main purpose of washing your face is to keep it clean. Pollution, sweat, dirt, and makeup all contribute to bad skin and acne breakout. And besides, the first step to any skincare routine is to wash your face. Now, you know why.


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