Breast Augmentation: Silicone vs. Saline Breast Implants

doctor draws on patient's breast

doctor draws on patient's breastYou could get breast augmentation done if you’re looking to have fuller and bigger breasts. Or, you could do it purely for reconstructive purposes, including after successfully battling through breast cancer and losing one or two breasts, or if one of your breasts is significantly bigger/smaller than the other.

Whatever your reason is, one of the first decisions you’ll have to make is whether to go with silicone implants or saline implants. So how do you choose?

The position of Incisions and Scars

You have four options when it comes to the position of the incisions and scars: under your arms, under your breasts, around your nipple area, and through your navel. Generally speaking, the scar position that would be most suitable for you would depend on your specific body type, the implant’s size, as well as the type of breast implants, explains a renowned plastic surgeon in Salt Lake City. However, it’s likewise a very personal decision since it would impact where the scars would be placed following the procedure.

The Feel and Look of the Breasts

Both saline and silicone breast could provide a natural look, especially if they’re inserted under your pectoral or chest muscles. Silicone implants, however, are known to feel more like natural breasts because they’re made to mimic natural breast tissue’s suppleness and weight. Individuals with little breast tissue or are very petite are usually great candidates for silicone breast implants since these implants are less vulnerable to rippling and are softer, which allows for a more natural feel and appearance. Those with breasts that significantly don’t match in size are good candidates for saline breast implants because the amount of saline to be placed in the implants could be easily adjusted to give the breasts an even appearance.

Breast Implant Sizes

Silicone breast implants come in a wide variety of predetermined sizes, while saline implants could be filled while you’re undergoing surgery to obtain the most accurate size match you’re looking for. If you have uneven sized breasts, saline implants might be more ideal if you’re looking to get the same volume for both breasts.

While the final decision would be entirely up to you, pay attention to the recommendations of your surgeon if he or she suggests that one type of breast implant might be better for you than the other.


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