Not sure if you need to seek an emergency dental team to manage that toothache?

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What are some of the key signs that you need to get online and search for an ‘emergency dentist near me?’ Read on to find out.

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Dental discomfort

It is a universal indicator of a problem and it is one that many people know all too well; toothache.

Whether your toothache has come on suddenly or has been growing in intensity for some time, you will need to see a dental team as soon as possible when it becomes too much to ignore. For many people, this can be when it is interfering with their ability to work, eat or even sleep.

If you notice dental pain that feels like burning or a bruise, it is important to seek emergency dental care, as this can indicate a dental infection that will require emergency treatment.


Many people have had a bleed in their mouths at some point, whether it is due to an impact suffered while playing sports or when out and about.

But, for some people (such as those on blood thinners like warfarin), a bleed in the mouth may not stop quickly and will require the help of an emergency dental team.

If you have been applying gauze to the area of the bleed for more than 20 minutes and it hasn’t slowed, then you should contact an emergency dental practitioner.

Detached brace

It may not seem as serious as dental discomfort or bleeding, but a partially detached brace can quickly become problematic.

It can cause sores on the inner cheeks, the tongue and can quickly become hazardous if the wire is broken and is sharp.

While it is likely to only be a temporary fix, your emergency dental team will be able to reattach your brace until you get to see your orthodontist, who will be able to make the appropriate adjustments to ensure that it doesn’t occur again.


Swelling in any part of the mouth is not fun and can, like dental pain, be sudden or can occur gradually. But irrespective of this, such an issue needs to be seen urgently by a dental practitioner.

Dental swelling can be a sign of a severe allergy, an infection or even an impacted tooth, all of which can become uncomfortable if left untreated. So, if you notice swelling near your mouth, neck or jawline, please seek emergency dental treatment.

Lost restorative

OK, so it may not be as dramatic as a swollen face, but if you have ever had a filling or a crown and it has fallen out or become loose, then you will need to seek emergency dental treatment.

Why? Because a missing crown or filling is going to leave behind a tooth that has sharp edges, which can act as a magnet for food debris and bacteria. This, in turn, can cause decay to form quickly and can also cause damage to the pulp of the tooth, potentially leading to a dental infection.

So, even if it isn’t uncomfortable, aim to see your dental team as soon as possible if you notice a loose filling or crown.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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