Dental Implants in Windsor

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A new lease on life

It can be devastating to lose a tooth. There are many self-esteem issues that may arise from a visible tooth being knocked out or needing to be removed due to gum disease or tooth decay.

The same applies when it comes to dentures. Some people over time find that their dentures tend to slip and make people feel uncomfortable eating out in public or speaking too animatedly for fear that their dentures may embarrass them.

Thankfully, dental implants in Windsorare fast becoming a popular choice amongst patients to combat any of the social or physical complications that can arise from a missing tooth. That is because not only can a missing tooth or loose dentures cause embarrassment or impact one’s confidence, but there are also oral health concerns that arise when one does not have a complete set of teeth.

What can happen to the whole mouth when a person loses a tooth?

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Interestingly, there is a series of flow-on effects that may occur in a patient’s mouth after they have lost a tooth and not done anything about it.

The jawbone, just like the rest of the body, is always losing and replacing cells. When a jawbone becomes understimulated, it naturally starts to recede as the body believes that there is no more need to put so much energy into building a strong jaw bone that isn’t being used.

This natural occurrence can mean that surrounding teeth begin to lose stability within the jawbone and may need to be removed due to causing pain or discomfort to a patient.

It is also harder to keep surrounding teeth free of decay when they are not adjoining a neighbouring tooth like before. These teeth have a higher likelihood of cavities and decay, any potentially need to be removed over time.

By replacing a missing tooth as soon as a natural tooth departs, the body has no time to suffer the consequences and carries on as if no damage has been done.

The titanium rod that is screwed into the jawbone acts as a replacement tooth root and over the course of several weeks, fuses to the jawbone itself to create a permanent and stable root for a crown or bridge to be placed on.

It eliminates the issues concerning a receding jaw bone as well as providing support to other surrounding teeth. These replacement teeth are made to look exactly like their natural counterparts so people cannot notice that a tooth is missing. The confidence and physiological problems with a missing tooth have been dealt with simply and effectively.

Regarding dentures, there is a unique system in place that allows a patient to have their entire dentures placed onto only four of these replacement tooth roots. This minimises the surgery time and the recovery time, reducing the chances of infection or rejection.

The dentures are securely placed onto these roots and patients can enjoy a new lease on life knowing that their dentures will never again slip when enjoying food or living life to their fullest.


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