Get Your Full-body Workout at Home

man working out at home

Fitness is something that becomes relegated to the backseat once you get busy with work and your personal life. You are said to be in your peak physical health up to your mid-20s. If you want to have that sustained, you’d better have a proper workout regimen and supplement that with regular visits to your trusty health clinic. This needs to have a holistic approach, so not only do you have to get out there and be active, you have to make sure you are eating right and you are getting all the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs.

If you are finding it hard to sign up to a gym, that is not a problem. You can get your own equipment and do your workouts at home. Here is the stuff that you need so you can sculpt your body from top to bottom.

Upper Body

There are many exercises you can do to build muscle for your upper body. For the ones that don’t need equipment, you can start with push-ups. This targets your chest, shoulders, upper arms, and even your core. The great thing about doing exercises that make you carry your own weight is free, so you can jump-start your program with this. Get yourself a pair of dumbbells later on so you can focus on buffing up your forearms and triceps.

Another workout gadget that is perfect for the home is the resistance band. This is quite the space saver but it can be a substitute for lifting weights. Its pulling force is a great way to test out your strength. It is also a versatile device. You can have it anchored to any door frame in the house. Once installed, you can get your arms or even your legs intense workouts.


man exercising in the gymYou may be familiar with those TV commercials that feature exercise equipment that targets the abs. Those are mainly metal frames with foam padding in places where you rest your hands and elbows. Do not underestimate them because they can guide your body into proper form while you do abdominal crunches. Many people find doing those challenging, and the improper form could even lead to neck pain or minor injury. You can use that equipment for starters, and then gradually wean from it if you have gotten used to doing crunches the right way.

Leg lifts are also a great way to tighten your abs, but you need to be lifted off the ground to do that. If you can find a metal bar around the house you can hang off of, then that is all you need. If you want to have that installed indoors though, you need to make sure that it is secure and tight. It will basically be carrying your whole weight for extended periods of time, so it should be rated to withstand that.

Leg Days

Working on your legs can be as simple as going outside for a jog. But what if you do not have the luxury of time to do that? You can get yourself a treadmill or a stationary bike. They take up a bit of space, but you can get your running fix anytime you want it. These could also feature timers and calorie counters so you can get an accurate quantification of how much work you have put in. Not only are they good for your leg muscles, but you get a nice amount of cardio exercise from them too.

You should never compromise on your health. If you are finding it hard to find the time or the place to work out, then consider doing that at home. There are many exercises that you can do with or without the aid of hardware tools. You just need the discipline and motivation to get yourself in shape.


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