What Are The Alternatives Of Traditional Braces?


The importance of braces and orthodontics

Orthodontic treatments do not only serve an aesthetic purpose, but can prevent and treat very serious conditions. There is a wide range of orthodontic conditions, such as crowded teeth, spaces between teeth, overbites, underbites, crossbites, open bites, etc. These can be treated with Incognito Weybridge.

Tooth misalignment has been a problem affecting people of all ages for a long time. Even archaeological samples from prehistoric times have been found to have misaligned teeth. Treatment solutions have started to appear in the ancient times, but have mainly progressed quite recently.

A major factor that made patients requiring orthodontic treatments think twice about getting the necessary treatments is the aesthetic issues associated with more traditional forms of braces. This was especially a problem when the most common form of orthodontic treatment was the wearing of headgears.

Luckily today only specific, severe cases require the use of headgears, and the most common orthodontic conditions can be treated with braces or aligners. Aligners were a major breakthrough given that they are made out of a transparent plastic material, which makes them barely visible, thus providing a solution for patients who would not like to wear traditional braces.

What alternatives are there to metal braces and aligners?

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No treatment is perfect for every individual: everybody has different specific needs and requirements when it comes to orthodontic treatments. This is of course unsurprising: orthodontic treatments typically last for a relatively long period of time, therefore it is crucial to choose the best option for you.

Traditional metal braces can be considered unsightly by some, and can be inconvenient due to food getting stuck in them, and may even lead to injuries in people who play contact sports frequently. Invisible aligners must be removed when patients eat or drink to prevent its discolouration, which can be considered a disadvantage. An alternative to these methods are IncognitoTM braces, which you can get from a dentist in Weybridge.

These types of braces are innovative, because they do not have to be removed while eating, yet address the aesthetic concerns: they are lingual braces, meaning that the brackets are located on the inside of teeth, therefore they are very well “hidden”. They are custom made, consist of archwires, brackets and bonding trays and can deliver optimal results without having to have traditional braces or aligners. They are both “invisible”, and they do not have to be removed and put back in when eating, therefore you can smile and eat carefree while your teeth achieve their desired alignment.

As these lingual braces are custom made, the treatments usually start with a consultation session, where the examination of the patients’ condition happens prior to the start of the treatment. The orthodontists use 3D imaging techniques while creating the personalised lingual braces, which allow for the prediction of the results of the treatment with a high accuracy.

If you think you require some type of orthodontic treatment, it is probably for the best to get the treatment you need as early as possible in order to prevent complications or the worsening of conditions. If you would not like traditional metal braces, or invisible aligners that must be removed when e.g. drinking tea or coffee, consider Incognito lingual braces as an alternative and contact your orthodontist, to find out if it is the right type of treatment for your condition.


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