Herbs Suitable for the Male Reproductive System

Medicinal Herbs in Small Bowls

Male fertility issues include low sperm count, poor sperm morphology, reduced sperm motility, sexual dysfunction, low libido, and more. When used in combination, herbs help cure these symptoms.

Any reproductive herb should never be used as a replacement for medication, diet, and lifestyle changes advised by a health professional. Additionally, if lifestyle and diet changes are not adhered to in the first place, the body might not respond as efficiently as it should to the herbs. That said, when purchasing unprocessed herbs and spices online, here are some that you may consider for enhancing your reproductive health.

American Ginseng

This earthy and hearty root is categorized as one of the excellent sexual tonics for men. Medical observations have reported that this herb addresses erectile dysfunction, healthy libido, and enhancement of sexual performance.


When combined with exercise and dietary changes, Tribulus is effective in increasing sperm motility, morphology, and count. This herb contains protodioscin, which improves the DHEA levels in a man’s body. DHEA levels act as a booster to sexual desire. According to a study, men who took Tribulus experienced a 61% increase in conception rate.

Yohimbe Bark

Impotence is a major sexual disorder among men. Yohimbe Bark increases blood circulation in the erectile tissues, helping with psychogenic and physiological impotence. This herb contains elements that help in lowering the blood pressure and dilation of blood vessels. In turn, this enlarges the blood vessels and improves their excitability.

Male infertility is caused by abnormalities in the testes and other sperm-producing organs. These abnormalities can occur due to injuries, sexually transmitted diseases, exposure to extreme temperature, and more. Thus, it is advisable to seek medical help before settling on any herbal treatment.


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