Keeping the teeth healthy with braces in St John’s Wood

woman wearing braces

Braces are typically used to straighten the teeth. Patients can enjoy lots of benefits from realignment including a better looking smile and greater confidence. So, what do braces in St John’s Wood have to do with the health of teeth? They can have a positive, long-term effect on the teeth but they can also have a detrimental effect in the short term if the patient does not adapt their hygiene routine and eating habits while they are having their teeth realigned.

When someone gets braces in St John’s Wood, they will have the support of a dentist like Aura Dental. Not only does the dentist keep an eye on the progress of the realignment every six weeks during treatment, they also monitor the health of the teeth. Patients usually get plenty of advice on brace maintenance and food choices as well.

Caring for teeth and braces

Fixed braces effectively add an extra layer to the teeth. This layer is prone to trapping food that the natural, smooth surface of the teeth would not. If someone normally only uses a toothbrush during their dental hygiene routine, they may wish to consider adding a few more tools to keep their teeth healthy and their breath fresh. For example, dental floss and interdental brushes can be helpful for getting to all the hard to reach corners of the braces.

Removable aligners do not affect someone’s ability to brush their teeth. However, it is vital that a patient ensures that their teeth are thoroughly clean each time they reinsert their aligner. This is because, otherwise, any food debris will be trapped against the teeth. To stick to this advice, someone who wears an aligner needs to get used to carrying tooth cleaning equipment with them at all times. A travel tooth-care kit is useful for this.

Food choices

Some food will be more adhesive that others when it comes to braces. Someone might choose to avoid very sticky or hard foods so that they don’t risk damaging their equipment. They may also wish to avoid mushy food that they need to bite into just because braces take ages to clean after eating something like this.


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