Who Makes a Good Candidate for Dental Implants in St John’s Wood?

Woman checking her teeth at the mirror

Woman checking her teeth at the mirrorIf someone decides that they want to have their teeth replaced, they might consider dental implants in St John’s Wood. There are several criteria that they need to meet to have successful dental implants. However, within each of these criteria, there is a fair amount of latitude. A skilled dentist can create the right environment for dental implants for a patient who needs a little boost to their natural circumstances.

The first step towards dental implants in St John’s Wood is a consultation at a practice, like Aura Dental. The dentist will assess a number of factors to decide whether the patient is a good candidate for implants. They can begin to make a treatment plan after this. If the natural conditions are not favourable, they can add preparatory work to the schedule.

A patient who wants dental implants in St John’s Wood should always consider going for the consultation even if they do not think that they are a good candidate for implants or they have been told that they are not by a dentist in the past. This is because developments in dental implant techniques have made this method of replacement accessible to more people than ever before.

What circumstances are required for dental implants?

  • Relatively good health – a patient needs to undergo minor surgery to get dental implants. They also need to be able to heal afterwards. All of this is much easier and more likely to be swift and successful if their health is good. If it is not, the dentist may need to schedule their implants for some time in the future;
  • Good jawbone density – dental implants are anchored in the jawbone. When forces are applied to them for chewing and other activities, these are dispersed throughout the jawbone as they are with natural teeth. If the jawbone density is insufficient, it will not perform this function. There are ways that the dentist can build jawbone thickness if it is not present. They may also be able to use dental implants that refer the impact to areas of the jawbone that are thicker, even if they are not directly beneath the gaps in the patient’s smile.


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