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Health Benefits of Invisible Braces in Clapham

Most people prefer invisible braces because of their cosmetic appeal, but there are also many health advantages associated with them. With invisible braces, patients can quickly and safely achieve the straighter smile they have always wanted while also enhancing their oral health. Straight teeth reduce the risk of various oral health problems, such as tooth […]

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Improving Dental Alignment

After having heard about the benefits of dental realignment, many people will ask themselves: what does Invisalign cost in London? These transparent aligners are a great way to keep one’s treatment discreet while they get to work improving dental alignment. The price for this treatment varies depending on what kind of realignment the patient needs […]

Smile Fully Again

A gap in the tooth not only leaves a space in someone’s smile, it can leave a gap in their self-confidence. Whether someone has lost one, or multiple teeth due to an accident or tooth extraction, it can often be surprising how big an effect such a small tooth can make on their day-to-day life. […]

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Psychological Intervention and Sedation in Treating Anxious Patients

Treatment under sedation is motivated by fear of the dentist or certain dental procedures and has gained popularity in recent years due to advances in dental technology. However, it is not enough on its own. In order to overcome the root of the problem, patients suffering from dental phobia need to receive psychological support, either […]

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Is There a Connection Between Gum Disease and Systemic Diseases?

It is no secret that oral health is closely related to general health, and gum disease may be indicative of diabetes, heart disease, unfavourable pregnancy outcomes (i.e. low birth weight, premature birth) and osteoporosis. These systemic diseases affect many organs and tissues and decrease the body’s ability to repel inflammation. Over the years, many studies […]

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Who Makes a Good Candidate for Dental Implants in St John’s Wood?

If someone decides that they want to have their teeth replaced, they might consider dental implants in St John’s Wood. There are several criteria that they need to meet to have successful dental implants. However, within each of these criteria, there is a fair amount of latitude. A skilled dentist can create the right environment […]

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Invisible braces for straighter teeth

Many people nowadays want to have straighter teeth without having to wear wire-and-bracket braces that are uncomfortably visible. At contemporary dentists in Barnsley, invisible braces are a discreet and user-friendly way to improve the alignment of the teeth. They’re a convenient method of achieving a more appealing smile without attracting too much unwanted attention while […]

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Freshening Up at the Dentist in Manchester

Let’s face it, bad breath is embarrassing. No one wants to say hi to a friend only to see them recoil because of the smell coming out of their mouth. And while it is a sensitive issue, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, as it’s also a very common one. Most adults will experience bad […]

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Dental Implants: What are the Common Problems?

Dental implants are the more popular option compared to fixed bridges and removable dentures. This is because they are a permanent replacement for missing teeth or tooth, and they are easier to handle since they mimic your ordinary teeth. Dental implants anchor an artificial tooth directly onto your jawbone, a feature that makes them more […]

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Sugar Will Rot Teeth

There are many half-truths when it comes to what could lead to a trip to see a dentist in Stockport. One is that sweets rot your teeth. Many parents like to tell their children this every time they ask for sweets. There’s no denying that sugar leads to cavity formation, but sweets are not the […]