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The Effect of a Healthy Smile to Your Appearance

When it comes to our social interactions with colleagues and friends, our physical appearance will usually play a critical role in how decisions are made. Smiling has been a universal language that almost every human can understand. It can convey a wide range of emotions from happiness, laughter, and even sarcasm. Other than being used […]

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Elements of Dental Health: 5 Things That Affect Your Teeth

What factors affect your oral health? A dentist would tell you to ask this question if you haven’t already because it lets you know what’s good or not for your teeth. Dental experts would say that fluoride and calcium could help strengthen the teeth, while sugar, extreme temperatures, and hard-to-chew food could damage your pearly whites.

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Better Dental Positions

The positioning of the teeth is an important factor in a person’s oral health. A misaligned bite can put strain on the jaw. A crooked smile can be difficult to keep properly clean, leading to an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Having braces in Garforth will improve dental positioning so a person’s

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Improving Dental Alignment

After having heard about the benefits of dental realignment, many people will ask themselves: what does Invisalign cost in London? These transparent aligners are a great way to keep one’s treatment discreet while they get to work improving dental alignment. The price for this treatment varies depending on what kind of realignment the patient needs

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Smile Fully Again

A gap in the tooth not only leaves a space in someone’s smile, it can leave a gap in their self-confidence. Whether someone has lost one, or multiple teeth due to an accident or tooth extraction, it can often be surprising how big an effect such a small tooth can make on their day-to-day life.

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Dental Implants: What are the Common Problems?

Dental implants are the more popular option compared to fixed bridges and removable dentures. This is because they are a permanent replacement for missing teeth or tooth, and they are easier to handle since they mimic your ordinary teeth. Dental implants anchor an artificial tooth directly onto your jawbone, a feature that makes them more

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Sugar Will Rot Teeth

There are many half-truths when it comes to what could lead to a trip to see a dentist in Stockport. One is that sweets rot your teeth. Many parents like to tell their children this every time they ask for sweets. There’s no denying that sugar leads to cavity formation, but sweets are not the

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